Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my cups runeth over

Here's a bevvy of gifts given to me recently by an assortment of my favorite people. Folks who know me well. Know what I drink and how I behave. (I fear that Santa is, right this very minute, getting his coal chute ready to load my stocking up.)

I'm a huge fan of unabashed over-the-top gift exchange. I'm not talking Eartha Kitt sparkles and gold mind you--just gifts that reflect the personalities and heart of the giver, the receiver, or both. Our oldest kids--married and now expecting their first child--made kaluha last year, and personalized stationery wrapped in Pacific Northwest twine and brown paper. Kirk's brother and sister-in-law gave us tea they'd harvested from flowers and herbs in their yard. My dad wrote us a check and sent along a "house divided" doormat reflecting our split college team allegiance. All the gifts resonated completely with who we know these people to be.

I love perusing the various "put a bird on it" places Portland has become famous for and finding little things that somehow speak to my kids or husband. Tiny trinkets to fill a basket or stocking. It's inevitable, now that we're in that final countdown, that I'll be logging more miles on the plastic at the last minute. So be it.

What are your wishes for Christmas? (Besides peace on earth, I mean.)

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