Thursday, December 22, 2011

a few of our favorite things

Though we're always open to trying new things, each year we revel in a smattering of traditions around the holidays. Here are a few that seem to keep coming back:

1. Sushi. I remember one particular Christmas Eve taking Sam and Maggie to a sushi restaurant when most people were either at church or carving into a hunk of roasted meat. What seemed an odd thing to do that night turned into a welcome break from the usual holiday stuff-fest where sugar, butter and overindulgence reign supreme.

2. Hoops. Every Christmas break Kirk's buddies get together for a tournament in Jesuit's gleaming gym. Usually an East Side versus West Side affair, lately the younger generation has made inroads and now there's a variety of ways they mix it up: Oldsters versus Young bucks; Whites/Darks. But given the collection of knee braces and such at this year's hoops night, they may consider a future version where they break teams up into various categories of afflictions.

3. Eggs Benedict. Whatever I said about combating excess with sushi, it'll never apply to Christmas morning. Eggs Benedict is always on the menu, and must be eaten prior to any gift unwrapping.

What about you? Any gotta-do-it-every-year rituals you feel like sharing?


  1. Fun traditions!

    We're the Jewish cliche. Chinese food and a movie. And Dr. Who.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Lisa, I've totally been enjoying your candle-lighting posts. The pizza mixed with tornado sirens was an especially awesome mix.

    Stay safe and keep the flame going!

  3. Thanks, Suzy. Tonight's highlight ended up being our youngest cat scaling the tree. Party, party, party!

  4. Anonymous2:08 AM

    When searching cyberspace in the NY metro area as is my want - one of the grandsons calls grandpa a player- I do mention that I do not eat Chinese on Christmas. This tends to separate out the zealots.

  5. Christmas Eve we have dinner with the same group of friends year after year, then I go off to the late service at church by myself, come home and wrap presents until the wee hours, and get up before anyone else in the house to make scones. The scones are probably the most sacred, inviolable of those traditions. Every year I try to ditch the late-night present-wrapping, but it persists, as traditions do.

  6. Sounds lovely, Sara. Even the late-night present wrapping.


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