Tuesday, December 06, 2011

suzy vitello dot com to be

Hey there all you lovely cyber buddies! I just wanted to give a heads up on some exciting web changes ahead for moi.

My colleague and web designer extraordinaire, Julia Stoops, has submitted her final designs to another colleague and web developer extraordinaire, Ira Pasternack.

The site's home page will look somewhat like you see in the picture, but with some fancy, subtle details in the nav area. I am especially grateful to photographer Brooke Shaden who has generously offered me use of her gorgeous artwork, and stay tuned for an interview with her in this very blog coming up after I launch the site.

I will also be posting an interview with Julia, where we'll be discussing authors' websites generally, so I'll give you the 411 on all that very soon.

Meanwhile, if you feel moved to comment on this post and give me your thoughts on what you think an author's website should or should not include, I'd love to hear 'em!


  1. That is going to be gorgeous.

  2. Very nice. Julia does magic with the web. Looking forward to the new digs.

  3. Thanks, you two! And since you're both writers--what do you think is most important when considering a writer's website. Is it conveying the essence of your work? Selling your work? Finding a visual and written meld that conveys your approach to the page? Getting a community going via social media? Things have evolved so much with technology, but I think there's an aesthetic to consider - every writer has a certain aesthetic, like visual artists and musicians...If you could conjure an image to represent your bodies of work, what it (they) be?

  4. I hate to be not helpful, but I think each of elements that you named is important. I think the single most important element is engagement with the reader. The community that you build is dependent on it, but things also need to be accessible (I think the top navigation bar is excellent) so that people can explore on their own, as well.

  5. Spoken like the amazing networker you are, Lisa! I'm intrigued (and somewhat overwhelmed) by all the different ways there are to engage with others now. Personal websites have this overarching ability to tap into a variety of social outlets--but the trick now (and going forward) is to figure out how to not look like the Scarecrow in the initial Wizard of Oz scene when he points in all these different and confusing directions.

  6. I heat that! It's definitely outlet overload.


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