Friday, December 02, 2011

powerless in pasadena

My name is Suzy, and I’m a tech-a-holic.

Hi Suzy!

I’m looking at a screen more than half (okay, more than three-quarters) of my waking day. For a while, a year or so ago, I experimented with an Internet Sabbath. No Screens Sunday, I called it. I think it lasted three Sundays.

November and December are huge months in the marketing business. Right now my company is in the midst of several integrated campaigns. Email inboxes are overflowing, I leapfrog from one conference call to the next. Forget about trying to find something on my desk. From before the coffee starts spishing into its carafe at 7:00 a.m. until pumpkin-turning time, you’ll find me at the keyboard in my little office that my husband not-so-affectionately calls “the cave.” 

Until yesterday.

Over the past 36 hours the Santa Annas have been on steroids down in SoCal. InPasadena, where my business partner and our main SEO guy lives, 300,000 homes are without power. Including theirs. Massive power outage in the tech biz is what the lockout is to NBA. Ain’t nothing going forward once the laptop batteries give out.

In frustration, our developer loped off to one of the few Starbucks with electricity in the area, and found himself among many—all bellying up to the bandwidth. Can you say cue the Jeopardy music?

Consequently, deadlines have passed and work is at a standstill for our team until:
a. the power in Pasadena comes back
b. our team relocates out of their present power grid

Now, if that isn't an invitation for me to hunker down and polish up my manuscripts, I don't know what is!

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