Tuesday, January 06, 2015

fast food and fast healthcare

Friends, there comes a time in every January resolution where you decide to stretch the limits of that wagon. Maybe you don’t completely fall off of it. Maybe you hang your feet off the side, grazing the surrounding weeds with your toe. Maybe you jump off for a second to make sure the horse is okay, then jump back on. Maybe you spend the day hobbling from one ZoomCare to the next, hoping to get to the bottom of your injured and still very painful toe.

After three distinct visits to various Doc-In-The-Boxes over the past 24 hours, this is what I know:

  1. My toe has no broken bones or dislocated joints (hurray!)
  2. Buddy-toe wrapping is helpful when walking, but not so helpful while sleeping. Flat shoes are a must, but I walked around in slippers. Yup, I did. Good thing it wasn’t raining.
  3. Starbucks new “Flat White” is a rip off. You’re better off getting a doppio espresso macchiato (less milk, less calories, better taste, less $, much more authentic)

So, despite eating most of my meals out yesterday, I managed to stay on the 300/400/500 plan. Perhaps you’d like to know what I consumed? Okay. Full disclosure.


  • ·       Sbux: black coffee
  • ·       lo fat turkey/egg/sandwich


Whole Foods Hot Bar:

  • ·       ½ c basmati rice
  • ·       3 oz stewed chicken verde w/ extra verde sauce
  • ·       2 scoops baked tofu
  • ·       2 scoops raw kale

Another trip to Sbux for a doppio espresso macchiato


  • ·       8 oz homemade almond milk


  • ·       6 oz red wine (I know! – workshop met in a bar)
  • ·       Mixed bar nuts (about 20)
  • ·       Came home and made a 2 ounce deli turkey/small whole grain bread/lots of greens/mustard sandwich

So, how about that wine? How about all that commercially prepared food? Well, truthfully, it all tasted fairly meh– plus, I was really in pain due to toe. I came home, lingered in some Lorrie Moore stories, popped a pain pill, and zonked out. (Only to wake up at 2:00 am, my toe on fire! Got up, bumped shin and head, unwrapped toe, applied Arnica, did some TRE exercises and slept like a log.)

What's your favorite place to test the limits of the wagon?


  1. i fall from the wagon regularly to consume vanilla frozen yogurt from our local grocery. it is so, so yummy. i will fix my kids their ice cream treats and then stand at the breakfast bar, pouring small amounts of hershey syrup straight onto to the fake ice cream and eat it by the spoonful out of the "party tub" gallon we keep fully stocked in the freezer.

    (i'm so sorry about your poor little toe. i'm sending it "get better" vibes as i type.)

    1. I can't tell you how many times I've squirted the syrup right into a spoon. Why waste it on ice cream? I like my chocolate straight.

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I always seem to fall off the wagon at restaurants. Over the weekend, for instance, we all went to Red Robin and I ordered a salad. The server understood that I wanted it vegan and suggested salsa in place of the chipotle ranch dressing, which is what I got. I also got shredded cheese.

    I hate to be the asshole who sends back a plate and I really hate to waste food, so I ate the salad. It's an ongoing joke, though, between my husband and me, how often this happens when we go out to eat. One time I was offered about six different kinds of cheeses on my pizza, and had to keep saying, No thank you, no cheese, NO cheese, NO CHEESE, swear to god, just bring me a cheeseless goddamn pizza!

    And it came, of course it did, with cheese.

    1. It's tricky to assert yourself as a customer, isn't it? Without feeling like a jerk? Recently, I sent a breakfast back. It was not even warm. Less than room temp eggs. Couldn't eat it and it was $8. I tried to sound super nice and was over-compensating for the rest of the meal, but I could tell the waitress thought I was an asshole.

      The cheese issue though seems to be a symptom of people in general just not practicing being present. How many times have you heard the question "for here or to go" asked more than once? When we don't listen (I'm totally guilty of this), we don't have true interactions. I think we shouldn't hesitate to slow folks down by rejecting this behavior. Next time you get cheese when you made it clear that you didn't want cheese, you MUST send it back. You're helping to stop Zombieism!


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