Thursday, March 17, 2011

Got style? Check it out!

Ever have those totally vortex days? Like you're in a dream and quicksand is involved, and you open your mouth to scream and nothing comes out?

I've been working and writing and living at a somewhat chaotic pace. Work is gangbusters, lots happening in the writing life, my brain loops and loops at bedtime and I dream about the to-do list and all the unfinished business therein.

But fuck it. I'm going to Disneyworld in a few days. Taking the husband and the kid and we're getting on a plane with our Florida outfits, our mouse passes, our maps and whatnot. It's been raining that cold, pelting stuff since Christmas, the back yard is a full sponge. My kid broke his arm the other day. All our vehicles have "issues." I may need root canal. We haven't finished our taxes. The list of "woe is us" goes on forever.

Ah, but there are some intense silver linings. The writers in workshop are going great guns. Books are out, being sold, hitting the bestseller list. Last week I signed with an agent, and she very promptly sent along revision notes on my manuscript. I can't wait to have at 'em. Really, I feel like my life is on steroids. It's all so amazing, sometimes.

That's why, on this very vague and stressed out day, I put the real world aside and worked on my platform. What is that, you ask? Well, here's the short answer. Steampunk. Although my book isn't dyed-in-the-wool Steampunk, there are some Victorian time-travel elements. There's a magical locket. A diary. An empress-to-be. Corsets, lots of corsets.

While writing my book, I grew fond of the "dreaming the future in the past" motif, so much so that, today, I put together a little quiz on Steampunk Style. I beseech you: if you have 3 minutes, take it and let me know if you were properly entertained!


  1. I hope Carson's okay! Have fun in Florida, and congratulations on signing with an agent!

  2. Thanks Max! And you enjoy a well-deserved spring break yourself!

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM

    What?! You gotta an agent and you only gave that storyline one line???

    CONGRATS to you. (After getting the phone call/email, did you hang up and think, "I AM going to Disneyworld!" peyton manning style?)

    ahhh...sweet corsets. i see a tempting book cover in the make.

    now to take a quiz....

    my word verification to make sure i'm not a spam commenter is 'bachang' NICE! (very fitting)

  4. Hi Amy! You are so funny!

    Yes, got an agent. Am still selfishly savoring it, therefore letting it out in tiny morsels.

    Yes, the "I'm going to Disneyworld"! post-miraculous thrill of victory did indeed occur to me once I "signed" as they say in the blogs. But it was mere coincidence, as the trip was already scheduled.

    Unfortunately now we're going with the freshly casted and uncomfortable son. No swimming pools. No movie stars. Alas.

    Hey, my Capcha is "enmedlin" Should be, for son's sake, "ammendin" I like "bachang"! Better.


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