Thursday, May 19, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Actually, not chicken. COW. The winner of a brand new signed copy of Chronology of Water is...that overachiever, Sherri Hoffman! Sherri, send me your address (, and I'll put your prize in the mail.

Second place winner gets a most fabulous set of fun sort of water-themed coasters (see pic) -- and that prize goes to Jennifer Bennett! Yay, Jen! (Are you still on Neil?)

And just for fun ('cause random number generator is so awesome) I picked up this very soothing bath salt for ErikaM! (Erika, need your address in order to send you your prize.

This was fun! Thanks everyone for the tweets, re-posts, Facebooks and blog adds.


  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    so i have yet to even compete in the contest because i have this book since you first brought it up. (drowning in a good way.) i haven't wanted to do anything but read it.

    i can't put it down. i've pulled it out twice while at stop lights to finish a chapter before i got to where i had to be. today, i've gotten nothing done except almost finish it.

    and now i'm kinda a sad b/c it's nearly over, so i took a break to see what my writer friends are doing.

    anyway, a million thank yous for sharing this book.

  2. Hey, Amy! So nice to hear. Glad you're liking the book. It's intense, isn't it...

  3. Thank you! The occasional positive reinforcement just makes the overachieving continue. sigh.

    BTW - love your blog.


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