Thursday, January 06, 2011

clowns to the left of me jokers to the right

I don't think I've ever had to leap out of the holidays and into real life quite as abruptly as I have this year.  Clients, projects, creative juices and ambition are propelling me, and, as you all know, I must don the yoke and pull the cart without the aid of coffee!

Okay, so I'm like six days into this cleanse, and yesterday was a sort of turning point where I could actually hear my body talking to me.  It said, "So, this is a real thing you're doing?  Really?" 

I could actually feel the little cells rearranging, as though tired ladies on public transportation resigned to allowing the homeless guy to sit in the seat next to them.  It's foreign, it has to happen, we're dealing.

So amid all of my solipsistic hyper-attention to my body, I've had some terrific, expansive meetings with clients--all of whom have indicated that they wish to move forward.  With me!  I know how "The Secret" this is going to sound, but the woo-woo thing here is that the forces (yes, forces) around me seem to be parroting my push for change and risk.  It's all very mysterious.  Or maybe I'm just having visions from my cleanse.  I do feel somewhat walk-about today.  I think it's time to squeeze my morning kale-and-apple juice.


  1. So, does "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right" mean that YOU are the one with whom you're stuck in the middle? That's what happens to me when I do some major rearranging, whether it's my locale or my work rhythm or that food/caffeine/exercise/sleep thing that becomes more tediously critical with each new grey hair. I get crabby and wildly productive all at the same time, as my regular fixes dry up and I become proportionately hyper conscious of the divisions between "good" fixes and "bad." I'm curious to see where this cleansing journey takes you - thanks for keeping us all posted!

  2. Thanks for untangling what I meant by that title, Sara!

    On the heels of this post I got nailed with one of those evil Trojan Interweb worms. Poof! An entire morning derailed. Just like that.

    I'll keep you posted on how goes the cleanse, Sara (and others!). And very wise to point out good fixes vs bad. Thank God my wise business partner Laura came up with an antidote to my Trojan worm deal. Definitely a "good fix."


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