Thursday, April 28, 2011

A truly AMAZING week

On the eve of TRW as well as the eve of my beach weekend with my loving husband, I must report the following extremely cool things that have happened this week.
1. I entered Amy Gesenhues' very first blog contest ever, and I won!
2. I entered Gretchen McNeil's "Possess" ARCs contest, and I won!
3. Erin Reel"s (The Lit Coach), interview about my Empress Chronicles blog is up!
4. My buddy Cheryl Strayed is reading The Empress Chronicles manuscript and mentioned it in her recent interview, posted here!

So what do you think, blog friends, should I head down to 7-Eleven for lottery tickets?


  1. Yeah Suzy
    thinking of you as I sit in Philly hotel room. Love, Dad

  2. Hi Dad!

    Good luck on your job interview. Hey! shouldn't it be the other way around: the father wishing the daughter well on HER job interview?

    I'm so glad I have such a dynamic papa!


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