Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cool distraction of the day!

I word-clouded my manuscript with Wordle and "like" wins, "one" is in second place, followed by most of the characters' names.


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    oh thank god...i was looking for a new distraction!

    (for real though, thank you. this is a cool tool and could definitely be used for good when considering editing out my overused words.)

    love mummi.

    also, did you by chance watch The Today show this morning? they had Diana's wedding dress and the original designer. my most favorite fun fact of the piece: her dress and all the bridesmaid's dresses cost a total of $1700.

    sure, getting that job was the deal of a century and probably landed them enough work to last through 2081, but c'mon royal family, $1700? really?

  2. ...and lovely Kate? How much will her gown cost? (Plus, I hear Fergie did not get an invite to the upcoming nuptials! The Empress will have to expound upon that. I hear a rant coming on...)

  3. I love it when writers to word clouds like these. One of my most overused words is "that". I'll be curious what comes up when I put my manuscript in it when it's done.

  4. This is really cool, I'd love to try it for some fun!

  5. It is cool. But now I'm disturbed that the biggest word in my cloud is "like." (Actually it's tied with "one")


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