Saturday, May 05, 2007

girls weekend

I’m at the coast this weekend with a gaggle of chicks I don’t know real well and one gal who’s a best friend type of gal, and it’s her 40th birthday we’re celebrating. We’re drinking a lot. We’re dancing and saying things like: “My husband wouldn’t mind it if I fucked Beck.”

Okay, I’m not saying that. One, because I don’t have a husband, and Two, because I’ve gotten over my star-fucking era. Really, I have.

So, as usual, I’m holed up in the space under the staircase working and reading, and only occasionally partaking in the rollicking discussions of our periods and what crap we use to keep pubic hair from spreading out of control.

Okay, it’s not that bad. But it almost is.

No, really, repeat after me: I can be normal. I can be normal.

I can dance to Beck and Madonna and whoever else is spilling out the ipod. But, man, I hate champagne. I’m not much of a crab dip girl, either. But I love this friend of mine who is about to join me in this exciting and rewarding decade. She’s one of those gals who reinvents her enthusiasm daily. She doesn’t spend five minutes enduring crap or people or situations she abhors. I cut the cord of her youngest child. We’re tight. But we’re different.

I’ve had plenty of friends who live in the land of normal. They seize pop culture and absorb it and swerve it with their own brand of my-husband-wouldn’t-mind-if-I-fucked-Beck. I never quite know how to be around it all. One gal talked about a spray-tanning place where a person sprays the tan on you as opposed to a machine spaying a tan on you. It’s sad to be so out of touch. There are places that spray tans on you?

I need to finish my pr piece on creative use of crunchy toppings. I’m developing a must-have pantry list. I wrote the word “craisins” in my list. I’m dragging myself into the 21st century. Reluctantly.

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  1. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Yeah, what is it about writers and normal pop culture alienation? I try to think it is because I am becoming too snippy but the other day I watched the MTV music awards and remembered that when I watched that stuff as a teen I still felt outside of it even then. I am a music and film fanatic but I always pick the weird crap (example- I just saw this film Mysterious Skin and loved it - and I just bought elliott smith;s last album- and the guy is gone! Why can't I listen to Fergie and laugh at Knocked Up (actually I did laught at Knocked up then promptly went home feeling extremely disturbed. I also like Fergie more than all the other pop divas cause she made Tyra listen to her talk about being paronoid on meth in Koreatown- that made me LIKE her! LOL I guess I just want my pop stars to have some old damage)

    I know he has great videos and catchy hooks but Beck to me always seemed like a bad imitation of Bowie. And don't get me started on Madonna, or as a friend called her Mad Dog 20/20. I tried to tell Jen how I think she is a fascist symbol and Jen said that might make a good nonfiction essay, lol.


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