Wednesday, December 13, 2006

eavesdrop of the day

Young woman talking to young man while waiting for an elevator:

Woman: I don't really get that expression 'bite me.'
Man: You don't?
Woman: Yeah, like when I'm really pissed off at someone, I'd like to bite them...not have them bite me.

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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Boys boys boys. Lucky buggers. My cousin just married this woman from Taiwain who is amazing- always cheerful Buddhist, beautiful, has a masters degree, reads Harakami and takes care of him while he works at his 10 dollar an hour job selling appliances. He barely has a hs degree. Meanwhile, I beat myself up over not achieving enough and go to his wedding at the courthouse utterly envious that he can be so at ease with himself and so lucky to marry someone like her. What gives?


    p.s. Actually, I really am happy for him. But sometimes I am also deathly afraid that in the final analysis he has turned out more well adjusted than I have when the odds were always on me when I was growing up since I worked hard. Ack!


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