Monday, January 13, 2014

TMB blog tour and a week of fun

Happy Monday! Anyone have a Red Bull they're not drinking? Here it is, the eve of publication, and you'll find me crazily washing my hands every three minutes to avoid potential H1N1 contraction. (An OCD Lady Macbeth, maybe?) The hubs is coughing upstairs, and I can't even get through a line at the Fred Meyer without a spew of germs sprinkled around me like fairy dust. These next couple of weeks? I cannot get sick.

My brain feels like how Bill Clinton's voice sounded during his campaigns. Anyone remember that? The frog voice? 

Okay, enough about my afflictions. It's LAUNCH WEEK! First off, let me just say that waking up to this lovely post at 5:00 am today was enough to catapult me from the warm covers and head to my K-Cup machine for my first cup of drugs coffee. And that's just the tip of iceberg this week. Diversion has put together a comprehensive tour for me, and I'll be doing several additional interviews this week as well. 

But that is not all! To celebrate the launch of TMB, I have some fun games planned, the first of which will take place later today, on Twitter. 24 hours of True Confessions (thanks for the idea, amyg!). It'll look like this:

"The Moment Before ____, I remembered ____." & tag w/ #TMBjan14 (My favorite wins a signed copy of the book.)

For instance: The Moment Before my first solo trip behind the wheel, I remembered I'd never practiced driving on icy roads. #TMBjan14 

Last week's pre-launch sharing and caring social media game was a blast. Thanks to you all, things ramped up nicely with the pre-order stats. And starting tomorrow, if any of you are moved to, you know, slap up a few words on Amazon in the review section, I'll send Ruby to your house to give you a complimentary foot bath. 

Speaking of Ruby, time to go for a slog through the January mud with my pocket full of sliced up hotdogs. xo

Blog Tour for The Moment Before

1/13: WHAT DANIELLE DID NEXT – Review, guest post
1/13: YOUNG ADULT BOOK ADDICT – Review, digital copy giveaway
1/14: CROSSROAD REVIEWS – Review, digital copy giveaway
1/15: ASHLEY FARLEY – Author interview
1/16: BOOK AHOLICS – Review
1/16: CHRISSI READS – Review, digital copy giveaway
1/17: COLD TEA AND CRUMBS – Review, digital copy giveaway
1/17: OOPS I READ IT AGAIN – Review, digital copy giveaway
1/19: LIVE, READ, BLOG – Review
1/20: CUBICLE BLINDNESS – Review, guest post
1/20: THE BOOK BABE’S READS – Review


  1. Today's the day. Let's all take a MOMENT to sit in the sweet joy that comes with knowing you are a published author!!!! Congrats, Suzy. I so loved The Moment Before and am confident many, many, many others will too.

    1. Oh, man, amyg. Yes. I am basking in that. (But, you know, alternately freaking out and wondering if there's toilet paper stuck to my shoe.) Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    No toilet paper on your shoe. You look mahvelous!!



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