Monday, October 05, 2009

red shoes and a croissant

These shoes and this bakery is the short answer to how I celebrated completing my novel.

I'm big on ritual--the idea of it--and not-so-big on the follow-through. Typically when I finish a project I don't even pause to breathe before charging onto the next thing. I suppose this is a by-product of the day. Never enough hours and all of that. But with Stairway of Love, I did, actually, pause, contemplate, de-compress and pull out the Visa.


  1. Congratulations on completing the manuscript -- in time to keep your hair! -- and on the celebration. Love the shoes!!!

  2. Excuse me: you completed your novel? You owe me a phone call.

  3. Oh, hi, David! Yes, I sure do owe you a phone call. I'm still a bit numb from the push, if you catch my drift. Sounds like you're doing splendidly, however. Let's catch up soon!


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