Sunday, November 12, 2006

the numbers

Number of cities I’ve lived in 10
Number of dwellings I’ve lived in 24
Jobs I’ve had where I’ve received a regular payroll check 9
Pounds of manuscripts in my basement right now 28
Novels I’ve written at least two drafts of 3
Novels I’ve published 0
Short stories I’ve written 38
Short stories I’ve published 11
Degrees I have 2
Money I’ve made in my whole life from writing (in $) 91,528
Money I’ve made in my whole life from non-writing (in $) 58,263
Money I’ve spent on my education and writing-related endeavors (in $) 101,600


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    incredible list...!
    (so is it better or worse to measure one's writing by the shot glass rather than the dollar?)

  2. Well, if I published my Harper's Index of personal alcohol consumption, over the long haul, the numbers might be a little, um, sobering?


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