Wednesday, April 10, 2013

get in while the door's still open

Hey all! My brand new class at LitReactor class kicks off tomorrow. As of this morning, there are still nine eight seven seats left, and the ones that are filled, I guarantee, contain the smartest, voiciest, kindest writing peers ever. I can't wait to jump in the deep end.

The subject we're covering this next ten days is point of view. Before you yawn too loudly, listen up. We're going deep with it. Really looking at the effect on the reader when we choose to filter our stories through a particular stance or voice.

Also, in this class you'll get a special treat. Those popular Portland authors (Chuck, Chelsea, Monica and LitReactor perennial fave, Lidia) have kindly revealed their own reasons/rules for choosing one POV over another, and those insights alone, I believe, are worth the price of admission (a very affordable price, imho).

A couple of other things. Eight "chances" for instructor critique on your pages, astoundingly generous peer critique throughout, one big assignment and several optional "mini" exercises, and a chance to win a signed copy of Monica Drake's THE STUD BOOK!

More info here!

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