Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kirk and suzy's excellent adventure continues

Welcome to Schweitzer
One thing I'm really working on with my writing is the whole upping the tension thing. You know what I'm talking about, right? Where you keep flinging your hero into ever-escalating mayhem? I prefer, however, to keep that paradigm on the page. In real life, I'm not a fan of snake pits and the edges of cliffs.

That's why I was thrilled when our windshield wiper debacle concluded this morning thanks to my husband's mad auto mechanic skills. Ye olde auto parts store and a ten buck relay was all it took, and we were back in business ready for a day on the hill above Sandpoint.

That thing on Kirk's head? Worth every penny.
Our own hill tends towards ice, rain and slime this time of year, so the powder that greeted us on Schweitzer was worthy of five star smiles all around. Exploring new pistes and taking in spectacular vistas -- all good. Right before lunch, we decided to pop up the Lakeview Triple lift. That's where our hero, Kirk Soule, fixer of all minor car malfunctions, mistimed his leap from the lift and sent his dear wife ass over teakettle before getting slammed in the noggin by the next chair bar. It was poiseless and embarrassing, but, thank God, not fatal -- though it took longer than it should for the stoner lift attendent to stop the presses so Kirk could get untangled from the lift stile.

Take away of the day? Helmets. Always. No exception.

Tune in tomorrow when Kirk, Carson and Suzy return for day two of their excellent Idaho adventure.


  1. I'm glad you're okay. The ski trip sounds like a delight despite the mishaps.

    Now, keep the drama to the non-life threatening, if you please.

  2. Hey there Lisa. New rule. Only one sit-commish mishap per day -- none with grave consequences.

    It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so our adventure might take the form of a field trip to the theater to partake in The Hunger Games. I'd rather Katniss be in peril than moi, know what I mean?

  3. I recently met a woman who said she stopped trying to write fiction because her stories completely lacked tension/conflict. She said she just couldn't put her characters in harm's way. I, meanwhile, am more stubborn and continue to write, trying to put my characters in worse and worse situations. It takes hard work to be this cruel!

  4. Oh Laura, thank you for this. I too, am a believer in whipping that horse with one hand, and signing a "don't be cruel" petition with the other.

    As a card-carrying pussy, I just hate putting my characters in harm's way. Hate it. But, alas, I've donned the spurs and the big ass dressage whip. Off I go. I think.


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