Thursday, November 10, 2011

bad movie night at chez soule

So tonight, the husband and I are going to hunker down in our "viewing room" aka "the tweener stink pit" and watch a shitty movie.

Why not a Fellini flick, or some socially responsible doc or even some erudite British film? I mean, c'mon, we live in Portland, replete with art house movie theaters and whatnot, but instead of thought-provoking, creative, smart cinema options, we will crank back the vintage La-Z-Boys and watch the Depp-Jolie flop that has been called, "the thriller with no thrills."

Why? Because, dear friends, marriages often stalls out at the impasse known as the "what are you in the mood to watch" moment. I'm headed for some obscure, dark nihilist Indie flick, and the husband is in the mood for deadpan boy humor. So we grab a couple of dvds off of the shelf and do the "hide behind the back pick one" thing, and somehow we end up with "The Tourist."

We're gonna give it a shot, this little experiment. I'll let you know how it turns out. Maybe the critics will be totally wrong, ioho, and we'll be all, "that was the best fucking movie ever!" But probably not.

BTW, what's the shittiest movie you've watched lately?


  1. I'd be okay with staring at the blank screen as long as I can have some Jr. Mints.

    It's hard to answer you question because I haven't watched many movies lately, but today was weird. Our satellite got diminished (um - they want us to pay our bill? What?) so we're down to Christian channels, shopping channels, Current TV, one ESPN, a Spanish movie channel, NASA and AMC.

    So naturally, I felt compelled to watch AMC. Well, more like listen to it while I dicked around on the computer.

    I watched Defiance which was quite good, but sad. It's set in Bellarussia during WW2. Then I watched Arthur with Clive Owen. I'd watch Clive Owen read the Tax Code.

  2. Now "Defiance" would have been an excellent choice.

    So would have the very timely "Inside Job" which was a contender.

    But, alas, we're resigned to an evening of Angelina sashaying though Paris whilst we sip our shared can of Genuine Draft 64.

    Good times!

  3. Correction. Angelina spends 5 minutes in Paris, and then it's on to Venice. Romantic-spy-intrigue tropes abound.

    God, what a crappy movie. There's more chemistry in my diminishing box of Jr. Mints than between Depp and Jolie.

  4. Was that one of those contractual obligations, just going through the motions things?

    Do studios still have those? I may be thinking like it's 1947 or something.

  5. Yes! That would fit the Bogie/Bacall thing they were going for.


    Good thing I had the Eugenides by my side, so I could jump tracks into some fantastic sentences.


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