Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 blogs of note

Here are 10 blogs worth following, imho:

Seattle a la mode

Book Square

Ms. Zig Zag

Laila Lalami

Pub Rants

The Gospel According to Marc

cake wrecks

Blue Mouse Monkey

Powell's Blog

Sara Nelson (Publisher's Weekly)

I've been challenged to come up with 15 blogs, actually, but will, for now, leave it at these 10 that I read with relative frequency. I will accept the challenge to find an additional five worthy of note (and time), but for now, above are 10 that I find diverse, entertaining, instructive and full of personality! (And good writing.)


  1. oops--you can't repeat Finding Fellini! Sorry, dem's the rooms

  2. Crap!

    Okay, I owe ya six!

  3. ya can't repeat me, either....


    Rules, Rules, Rules....

  4. You know me, David, rules are the last thing I read. But, point well taken, if this exercise is meant to further the readership of worthy blogs.

    And thank you, by the way, for deigning "let's talk about writing" follower-worthy!

    I have replaced the two "repeats" with a couple of blogs I re-dug up. And I'm glad I did! Laila's is terrific (and she posts often), and Book Square is great insider info.


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