Monday, April 07, 2014

the blossom project

So I'm doing this thing. It's totally impulsive, in that spring fever way, but it's also a deep plunge into my resources - a way to help me channel the revelry that is April and develop the line of flight for my next book.

I've been writing the next Brady/Connor novel, it's pretty much outlined and scaffolded, and now I'm diving in the deep - all my senses heightened. Does that sound too lofty? I don't want to go overboard on the writerly way of describing process. But here's the thing. As I've pointed out here, and here, writing starts with place for me. And place can only be created through sensation.

In THE MOMENT BEFORE, a book set entirely in the spring (which I wrote in the spring), new growth, fecundity, earth, blossoms and the crazy mixed up weather patterns of this time of year figured into pretty much every chapter.

The way some actors immerse themselves in character off stage/screen in preparation, I want to surround myself with the visual, sensual details that evoke the mood I'm going for in this MOMENT sequel. Also, hey, it's spring, and in Oregon, there's nothing more amazing than the colors that are EVERYWHERE.

Ergo: The Blossom Project.

Join me!

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