Friday, January 22, 2010

January redux

Greetings from crazily rainy Southern California, where I'm ensconced in my business partner's lovely Pasadena bungalow.

Even though my days are packed with meetings and work, I almost feel like I'm taking a mini-vacation (it helps to know that at the moment my home to the North is topsy-turvy with workers and floor-sanders scurrying about in my absence). I've been churning out words and ideas at a feverish pace--epiphanies choke-holding me faster than I can absorb them. At the risk of sounding like a crazy, New Age weirdo, horoscopically speaking, the stars and planets are lined up favorably: Jupiter has moved into Pisces and this is a good thing, apparently. Luck abounds, and I could use a little.

Stairway of Love continues to revise itself. I'm really enjoying opening a draft chapter and tinkering with it, discovering places to tighten the language or concretize a scene. It's like when a marriage is going well. There's a warmth, texture. Discovery. It's all good.

Tomorrow I'll be heading South to visit my mother and her husband in Chula Vista, and the following day Laura and I will be engaged in more client business closer to Pasadena HQ before I head back to the "great white North" to resume the routine. Am pretty set on my goal of having Stairway completely done and ready to send out by February 6th.

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